Chris Colbert-Jose Valenzuela II in the works?

In a surprising turn of events, the boxing world is abuzz with gossip as Chris Colbert hinted at an upcoming rematch against Jose Valenzuela for later this year via his Facebook post. The post also went back against statements Colbert made after his win over Valenzuela in March of this year on the David Benavidez versus Caleb Plant pay-per-view. 

Colbert typed the following on Facebook today.  

"Let go [SIC]," said Colbert via Facebook today. "Ima give the world what they want to see...Im really him [SIC]...Primetime vs Rayo 2."

In the previous bout, Colbert secured a narrow victory with all three scores reading 95-94 in his favor, yet a lot of fight fans favored Valenzuela. This could very well be from the way the bout started as no less than thirty seconds into the bout Colbert was dropped by Valenzuela, who was unable to finish the fight. The outcome left an unsavory taste in the mouth of some.

After the fight, frustrations flared as Valenzuela wanted a rematch given what he felt was a bad decision. Colbert viewed Valenzuela as a 'sore loser', and seemed unwilling to do so, at least until now.

“He was being a sore loser," said Colbert after the fight in March. "He should’ve never been a sore loser. If he would’ve took the loss like a man I would’ve gave him a rematch, like I took my loss like a man when I lost. I’d have gave him a rematch but he was being a sore loser so now he ain’t getting nothing.”

Colbert's win over Valenzuela better known by his nickname of "El Rayo", marked the end of a thirteen-month layoff, after Colbert lost to Hector Luis Garcia for the WBA super featherweight world title. 

The news comes as a mild shock as Colbert was one of the rumored names to be in the running to land a Gervonta "Tank" Davis fight. With Colbert seemingly fighting Jose Valenzuela in the fall, that seemingly opens the door for Isaac Cruz to rematch Gervonta Davis at the end of the year. 

No word on the weight class though it is hard to imagine it not happening at lightweight as Valenzuela is a very big lightweight, despite Colbert claiming he'd move back to super featherweight after defeating Valenzuela. 

No word on a fight date or a platform this bout would land on.