Blair Cobbs wants Conor Benn fight "Let's make it happen"

Blair Cobbs, a name synonymous with charisma and pugilistic prowess, is now being rumored to land a career-defining and marquee fight against Conor Benn. The bout which would serve as Benn’s first fight back to the ring after his whole ordeal with UK anti-doping, which has seen him cleared on July 28, 2023, when Benn failed a pre-fight drug test. 

Cobbs recently caught up with ProBox TV News to give insight into what is happening, and if this is simply an online rumor or truth. 

“There have been talks,” confirmed Cobbs to ProBox TV News. “We got to see the paperwork, we got to see the promotion, I think it would do the boxing world, and everyone, not just me, a [disservice] by under-promoting [this fight]. By trying to make this a quick, little hurry up, and get the fight done situation. That is where we probably have to renegotiate, like ‘why are we trying to get a fight in four weeks, when could get a fight that makes sense in six-to-seven weeks.”

It seems two hurdles could be in play currently for this fight, as Cobbs appears to advocating for a main event spot in the fall calendar of DAZN’s boxing schedule, as well as a technical issue with Golden Boy Promotions as well. With early reports signaling the bout could land in September possibly in Florida, Cobbs nixes the idea altogether, of a fight with Benn being an undercard attraction.

“Why not [have it as a main event], because [the fight] can make money,” told Cobbs to ProBox TV News. “They are chasing like Kell Brook, or somebody like that, or [unqualified fighters], when they could be actually fighting me, making real money…it is way better than the Kell Brook fight, it is way better than fighting some guy who is over the hill like Adrien Broner…you know just fighting guys who are old, dusty and rusty.”

As for his situation with Golden Boy Promotions, Cobbs explained his current standing with the promotional entity that helped build him up in the early part of his career.

“Yeah, I am out of my Golden Boy [deal], but we have some kind of situation going on, they need to give me a release statement so I can move forward,” as Cobbs clarified his standing with Golden Boy Promotions at this point. “If they don’t give me a release statement, then we have to go ahead and take them to court. So that is what we are doing, we are taking them to court, and things are happening at a very rapid pace. We have a very, very strong lawsuit against them, and they just need to react, get done, and get it over with it."

Conor Benn, who tested positive for the women’s fertility drug, clomifene, which Benn has alleged was because of the consumption of eggs. Since this positive test UKAD has cleared him to compete again, but it did ruin a major pay-per-view fight in October 2022 against Chris Eubank Jr., which looked to be on pace to create a wealth of riches for all involved, as it was a two-generation rivalry. Cobbs has never been shy to share his opinion and offered his take on the subject matter. 

“I have learned about the harmful effects of steroids, and when it comes to Rhabdomyolysis,” said Cobbs. “Then, we have Conor Benn for being caught for testing positive for obviously steroids [and] steroid use. It is kind of evident that he is a user, and possibly still using. Once you get on that stuff, it is kind of hard to get off it type of thing. That is what I have heard from other athletes and things like that. Everybody wants that edge, and it is a shame, because none of them really believe in God, and my edge is God.”

Cobbs suffered his first career loss to Alexis Rocha when he was stopped in the ninth round of their ten-round bout, Cobbs was quick to point out was a fight that was changed on a few days notice when the main event featuring Vergil Ortiz Jr., fell through. Cobbs last fought in August of 2022, when he outboxed former world champion Maurice “Mighty Mo” Hooker, since then Cobbs has been out of the ring for one year, and counting. 

Though seemingly unphased by everything going on, Cobbs issued a stern warning to Benn.

“Let’s make the fight happen,” said Cobbs. “Final words for Conor Benn is let’s make the fight happen.  Good luck with everything, stay clean, and honestly - I can’t say that I am a fan as much as I am a friend, like I really like Conor Benn, it was kind of disappointing that he got popped for steroids. There is no amount of excuses about eggs to say that he wasn’t on it.”