Canelo-Charlo show mutual respect at first press conference

In the electrifying world that we call boxing, where rivalries and animosity often steal the spotlight, it's a breath of fresh air to witness two undisputed world champions who not only share mutual respect. Beyond that, it seems that the super middleweight undisputed world champion Canelo Alvarez and the junior middleweight undisputed champion, Jermell Charlo, share a common desire to leave their mark on the sport - a drive that makes them different than a lot of their peers.

Canelo Alvarez and Jermell Charlo, two of the most formidable and accomplished fighters of their generation, are set to collide in a super fight that transcends weight classes and belts, as the two are set to fight on September 30, the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, available for the viewing public on pay-per-view. 

The first media event for the showdown reached a fever pitch as the two champions faced off for the first time during a kickoff press conference in New York. Rather than trash talk we were greeted with respect by both. What sells the fight is it is the first-ever meeting of two reigning undisputed champions in the era of four championship belts, making it at the very least an answer to a trivia question one day. 

“Thank you to Jermell for taking this fight," said Canelo at today's press conference. "I’m very happy to be in this position and to be in big fights. Jermell is a great fighter who takes on big challenges just like I do. I always take risks."

The respect shared between these two boxing powerhouses is evident in not words, but also demeanor. The event was dignified.

Canelo Alvarez expressed gratitude to Jermell Charlo for accepting the challenge, recognizing him as a fighter who, like himself, embraces significant challenges.

“Jermell is a great fighter and this is a fight that’s been out there as a possibility for a long time," said Canelo at the press conference. "Now is the correct time for this fight."

 Charlo not to be outdone gave credit to not just Canelo, but his trainer and manager Eddy Reynoso in his respect for what they have done in the sport of boxing. 

“This is a long time coming," said Charlo. "Canelo and Eddy are legends in the game of boxing. They’ve put on great shows and I want to be the one that gets in there and takes it all away from them."

Canelo's trainer and manager, Eddy Reynoso, and Charlo's trainer, Derrick James, also chimed in, adding to the overall tone of the event which was  respect and anticipation building for an interesting pay-per-view clash. 

“Charlo is a great champion and has a great trainer in as Derrick James," said Reynoso. "He is a great fighter with a big heart that has gotten up off the mat after losing, and that makes him even more dangerous. He lost, but he also redeemed himself and showed that you can redeem yourself to earn big fights like this one." 

In Charlo's corner is the award-winning coach, Derrick James, as James spoke to this fight being a chance for Charlo to elevate to greatness with a win. 

“This is a fight that Jermell Charlo has always wanted," said James. "It’s the type of fight he’s needed to put him into super superstardom. Canelo is a great fighter with a great trainer and they’ve been so consistent over the years. It’s hard to do that in boxing."

In a world where boxing narratives are often fueled by trash talk and antagonism, the pre-fight build up between Canelo Alvarez vs. Jermell Charlo clash stands out as a testament to the nobility of competition and sportsmanship. In an era, ran by memes, and outlandish (poor) behavior, Canelo versus Charlo is following the tone set by Errol Spence Jr., versus Terence Crawford, which was a rather cordial press conference that led to a legendary night. 

Come September 30, the T-Mobile Arena will be more than just a venue—it will be the truth chamber in which both fighters put their whole career on the line, to see who will outlast the other.