Broner calls for Garcia next

Adrien Broner is interested in fighting Ryan Garcia

This comes on the heels of Broner finding out that Broner had been thought of as a possible opponent for Ryan Garcia's upcoming December 2nd fight against Oscar Duarte, as mentioned by Eric Gomez of Golden Boy Promotions this week. 

Broner took to his social media account to post a response as Broner, who returns the same night as Garcia in Florida, on a Don King Promotions card, against Chris Howard. Despite Broner only being 34-years-old, it appears that his lifestyle choices have taken some toll on him as he recently was documented on the internet getting into a conflict with a fast-food employee over some food he ordered. Broner stated the following to his story.

"@GoldenBoyBoxing I never knew about the offer with the fight with [Ryan Garcia]," Broner posted to social media. "I'm just now finding out about that as we speak but I'm here to let you know I don't need a tune-up for [expletive] after Ryan take care of business in December we can make it happen ASAP! I'm the same person who fought [Manny Pacquiao] why the [expletive] will I be afraid of saving private RYAN [SIC] send the contract!"

This comes on the heels of Eric Gomez of Golden Boy Promotions stating the following.

"We were going through names and there was a possibility at one point that we were going to go after Adrien Broner, which is a great name for him," Gomez said on The 3 Knockdown Rule. “It’s a great name and we had some conversations with Don King."

“For whatever reason Broner didn’t want it at this time. Broner said he was going to do a tune-up fight first."

Broner has not made the junior welterweight division limit in quite some time though. In fact, Broner hasn't fought at weight limit since 2017 when he lost to Mikey Garcia. Broner, who is now promoted by Don King, who he signed this year after a failed fight with BLK Prime in which his original opponent, Ivan Redkach, and replacement opponent, Michael Williams Jr., both were unable to make it to fight night. Broner returned to action in June against Bill Hutchinson winning every round convincingly and recording the best performance since when he fought Manny Pacquiao in 2019. 

The story of Broner currently reads as a talented fighter, who obtained world titles in four different weight divisions but saw his career hindered by distractions and adversities caused by decisions made outside of the ring. Garcia, on the other hand, is 25-years-old, and has never held a world title, but has impressive speed and power combined with a huge internet following. Garcia was also knocked out in the seventh round of his historic pay-per-view fight in April that pulled 1.2 million pay-per-view buys, and netted 22.8 million in ticket sales. 

If the bout were to be made it would offer a huge potential for casual boxing fans to get interested as both fighters have cross-over appeal and both have had setbacks in recent years that could have the viewers questioning the outcome of the bout.