BOXXER issues statement on Amir Khan

As we have cover closely, it is a humiliating end to the career of Amir Khan, who it was reported earlier this week tested positive for ostarine after his fight with Kell Brook on February 19th of last year.

For those unaware, ostarine is an anabolic agent mostly commonly used for muscle growth. Though it didn’t help as Brook knocked out Khan in their fight. The lead promoter BOXXER has issued a statement.

"BOXXER is vehemently against any use of any illegal or performance-enhancing substances taken by athletes and condemns such unsporting behavior. It goes against the very core of our company's values. We will await further advice from all the relevant authorities.”

Khan has stated that he will no longer fight and that he is a retired fighter, as this suspension seems to be more humiliating than something that will affect his career moving forward, as it is highly unlikely we ever see Khan back in the ring again.

“BOXXER is disappointed to only learn via social media this morning that Amir Khan has been suspended from all sports following UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) rule violations,” said BOXXER via an official statement.“We will await further advice from all revenant authorities.”