Hopkins: You can't teach a fighter to have something that they don’t have

At the weigh-in, the legend, Bernard Hopkins played some mind games on Gervonta Davis prior to his fight with Ryan Garcia. After Garcia came in at 135.5 lbs, while Garcia came in a half-pound lighter at 135 lbs - it was Hopkins who exchanged a verbal barrage of words on the man known as “Tank” Davis. 

Hopkins, a master of getting under his opponent's skin seemed to fluster Davis for a bit, but Davis’ long-time coach, Calvin Ford, was able to keep Davis focused on Garcia. iD Boxing caught up with Hopkins yesterday, who spoke generally about the situation.

Hopkins, who was a two-division world champion and holds the most middleweight world title defenses in history, now holds an executive role at Golden Boy Promotions. Hopkins is a well-experienced veteran in terms of the sport of boxing and his knowledge from first-hand experience is in-depth as anyone. 

“Trust me I got three decades of experience [of deceit in boxing],” furthered the man better known as B-Hop. “When a man says ‘okay, you [have to do this], [and then the other side says] okay, you want that? Okay. you want that? Yes, yes, yes and [what] do you [do]?”

Hopkins, not unlike, Oscar De La Hoya, alluded to at the press conference, questions the confidence that Gervonta Davis’ team has in the prizefighter. 

“You got to eat crow and then you got to fight,” said Hopkins to iDBoxing. “[then] you got to try to spin it, but there is no spin now."

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