Benavidez suggests stripping Canelo of title if he won't fight him

David Benavidez is eager for a shot at becoming the undisputed super middleweight champion and believes that Canelo Alvarez should be stripped of his WBC belt if he avoids facing him after his upcoming bout against Demetrius Andrade on November 25th, which will be telecasted on Showtime pay-per-view, and take place at Michelob ULTRA Arena at Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Though it is unlikely the WBC will take such action, it appears Benavidez is tired of waiting for Canelo, as the interim WBC super middleweight champion wants to consolidate his title with the undisputed champion.

“You fight for the belt, so I think [the WBC] should do the right thing, and if he [Canelo] doesn’t want to fight, strip him with a title, but like I said, I want to make my own lane,” Benavidez stated at the press conference. “I don’t want to just be that fighter waiting for Canelo. As I’m doing now, I fought Caleb Plant, and now I’m fighting Demetrius. I want to make my own lane. I’m very excited,” said Benavidez."

The 26-year-old Benavidez acknowledges the necessity of focusing on what is in front of him as he is facing one of the most avoided fighters of the past twenty years in two-division world champion, Demetrius Andrade. The bout will see two of the four best fighters in the division facing off against each other, yet it doesn't seem to have the magnitude of Canelo Alvarez's fight. The silent man, not being acknowledged right now is David Morrell, a super middleweight who looks as good as any. 

“[Andrade] has more knockouts, and he’s been in this weight class longer," said Benavidez. "So I feel like he’s a complete fighter, but that doesn’t take anything away from Andrade because he’s been ducked for so long. So we haven’t even seen the best of him, but I’m preparing for the best Demetrius Andrade,” said Andrade.

However, Benavidez understands for him to get into a big fight like with a Canelo Alvarez or another name of equal importance in the division - he needs to look good in this fight. Benavidez, who prior to the Caleb Plant fight trash-talked his way to an entertaining pay-per-view affair, has been nothing, but respectful to Andrade, whom it seems he not just respects but also relates to.

"He’s a great fighter," said Benavidez. "You know, a lot of people have been ducking him for a long time. So, I felt like I was in the seat that he was in, that nobody wanted to give him the opportunity. But now we came together, we’re getting the opportunity to make a great fight happen."

As it appears Canelo is in the last phase of his hall-of-fame career, fighters like Benavidez and Andrade, who feel as though they have not gotten their shot against the best of their era, will come together hopefully to make a holiday classic. A few days prior to the American holiday, Thanksgiving. It is clear that the winner of this fight will more than likely be the fighter the fans want to see fight Canelo, but it is also clear that these are two fighters who want to be in big fights, and are tired of sitting around and talking about Canelo as well.