Benavidez-Andrade rate each other before PPV fight

 In the pre-fight build-up for David Benavidez versus Demetrius Andrade, the November 25th, Showtime pay-per-view taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada. In a video to create hype for the fight the two fighters were asked to rate the abilities of their opponent for a pre-fight segment by the handlers of the fight, Premier Boxing Champions. 

In a video, released by Premier Boxing Champions on their YouTube channel, both fighters took shots at the weakness of their foe in a quick video to build up excitement for the fight. 

Most notable is the perceived weakness of their foe. Benavidez appears unimpressed with Andrade's power, whereas Andrade quotes the technical ability of Benavidez greatly. 

“I think [Andrade's] power is at a five,” Benavidez said in a program produced by Premier Boxing Champions. 

Benavidez, who often looks more like a heavyweight than a super middleweight seems to believe that come fight night he will be the bigger puncher. Benavidez fought earlier this year when he won a twelve-round decision over Caleb Plant, but it also showed some vulnerabilities as Plant had some success with movement that troubled Benavidez until the power, size, and conditioning took over and turned the tide for Benavidez. 

Andrade held Benavidez in high regard, in terms of power, conditioning, and speed, but noted that he was less impressed with one aspect of Benavidez's game. 

"Two, give him a two," said Andrade with a chuckle as he spoke of Benavidez's footwork, Andrade also scored Benavidez's defense as the same. “I think he’s getting overall better [with his defense]. I think he’s around a five now.”

The mutual respect between the two fighters outside of the shots fired in this segment is both fighters believe they have been avoided in this division, and also believe the other fighter has been avoided as well. 

“I don’t think his resume has anything to do with him because he doesn’t really have too many big fighters on his resume, but he’s been hungry and wanted to fight people," said Benavidez. "He just hasn’t got the opportunity, just like I had with my last fight."

Andrade stated the following.

“I don’t really know. I don’t follow him like that and haven’t followed all his fights, but I know he’s fought some good solid guys," said Andrade. "To get in the ring with his caliber, my caliber, it ain’t easy to step in the ring. Every step is to get better, so I give him a ten.”

Andrade has referenced this as his 'Super Bowl', as the fight nears one thing is clear this bout will define the trajectory of the historical significance of each fighter's career. For Benavidez, this is his chance to really call for Canelo Alvarez, the undisputed champion of the super middleweight division, and one of the biggest stars in boxing - if not the biggest star in the sport. 

A lot is on the line for both in a meaningful bout to end the eleventh month of this year.