All Access Errol Spence Jr vs Terence Crawford episode two recap

The second episode of Showtime's All Access, previewing the pay-per-view undisputed welterweight bout between WBA, WBC, and IBF welterweight world champion, Errol Spence Jr., versus the WBO welterweight Terence Crawford, on July 29th, taking place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

We start in Dallas, Texas, with Errol Spence Jr., training in a boxing gym. Spence and Derrick James work out outside of the gym for a minute during the opening monologue as Spence Jr. details his desire for winning this fight. 

The opening credits roll as we see the previous b-roll shown on the screen, mostly from press conferences. The montage ends with a voiceover saying 'this is the best fighting the best'.

We start with Errol Spence Jr., on a podcast, 'The Pivot', talking about how he is the promotional a-side for the fight. This is followed by a return to the gym with Errol Spence which focuses on his award-winning coach, Derrick James, who carries this segment. We learn that James is a practicing Buddhist. Errol Spence Jr. equates Derrick James' stable to the San Antonio Spurs comparing his coach to Gergg Popovich, one of the best basketball coaches ever. Spence Jr. equates himself to Tim Duncan and relates his teammates to other great San Antonio Spurs players. 

"Being doubted is a part of life," James said during this segment. "...but proving people wrong is another part of life."

James sits down at his house and watches a film on Terence Crawford next fight, and talks about what he is seeing. He talks about the depths of desire. James talks about how he doesn't know how Crawford will respond to Spence's power. 

We head to Colorado Springs, Colorado, as we see Terence Crawford for the first time along with his coach, Brian "BoMac" McIntyre. Crawford and his team are outside of a private residence, as Crawford runs for a bit and we see him training. We learn more about Crawford and BoMac's relationship. Crawford has a lengthy segment lifting weights, and we meet Crawford's father who lifts weights while he works out. 

"I trained too hard to think about losing," said Terence Crawford. "This is one of those fights that will be talked about forever."

We head back to Dallas, Texas, where Errol Spence is getting a mouthpiece made. Spence Jr talks about how his teeth changed after the car accident and explains how his mouthpiece needed to be adjusted after that. So in this segment, we see him getting a new mouthpiece. 

This is followed by Spence Jr., playing with a paintball gun, and young kids playing in a pool at his residence. His mother speaks in this segment, and talks about Spence's focus. This is followed by Spence doing acupuncture, then a segment of him doing some exotic strength and conditioning workouts, that typically football players do. 

We head back to Colorado Springs and we are greeted by Crawford driving a car as he heads to the boxing gym and his team plays cornhole. He talks about his competitive spirit in this segment. 

The show ends with a montage with both fighters talking about how much this fight means to them. 

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