All Access: Canelo vs Charlo ep 2 recap

The second episode of All Access: Canelo vs. Charlo was released this weekend, as episode two, focused on the families and motivations of the fighters, leading into their September 30th, pay-per-view fight in Las Vegas, Nevada. As this episode sheds a spotlight on both the undisputed super middleweight world champion, Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, and his opponent looking to win his world titles, the undisputed junior middleweight world champion, Jermell Charlo.

The telecast begins with a scenic shot of Lake Tahoe, California, with tranquil noises setting some beautiful images. A drone shot introduces the gym that Canelo Alvarez is training out of which is entitled ‘Camp 1’, per outside signage, which is located in Truckee, CA. Inside the gym, Canelo laughs at the montage of him learning Spanish from the first All Access telecast, which was prior to the Austin Trout fight.

This montage then goes through a history of Canelo’s relationship with the Reynoso family, as “Chepo” Reynoso was Canelo’s first trainer, and his son, Eddy Reynoso, has since taken over duties. A detailed montage over the years shows how Canelo and Reynoso have taken on the boxing world as a team since the beginning with Canelo offering insight while watching.
The segment ends with Canelo remembering a rude reporter who told him from the back of the room he wouldn’t win a world title, Canelo noted that he had won several. This leads into the opening credits for the second show.

We return to Canelo, and he is getting a message and explaining this is one of the best camps he has ever had. Canelo explains that Charlo is a dangerous opponent and offers more insight on what makes him dangerous, yet void of anything that can give us a lens into this fight, as Canelo simply stated his experience is the advantage.

The segment takes a turn when Canelo’s daughter enters the gym, as Canelo takes time to talk with his daughter. Canelo’s wife also enters the gym, as this enters the theme of this episode - family. Canelo explains what it means for him to be a father. Canelo also has a son, who says he wants to be a fighter, a boxer. Canelo explained ‘let’s see if he still likes fighting once he gets hit.’Canelo also explains at home he is Saul, but in the gym he is Canelo. His wife explains loving both sides of Canelo as this episode adds depth to an often mysterious boxing figure.

It took nearly eight minutes, but we got our first Jermell Charlo segment which begins with him jogging. Charlo explained he was very relaxed about this fight.

We are now introduced to Charlo’s family, as he has an 11-year-old daughter, a 14-year-old son, a two-year-old, and his girlfriend. Charlo says his motivation is his children. Most of this segment was filmed in Charlo's pool in his backyard.

We transition to the Charlo Brothers Boxing as he begins to start a boxing workout his ring has a new banner, one for his fight against Canelo Alvarez. We also learn about how Charlo changed coaches in his pro career to work with Derrick James. The segment talks about how James has helped add more power to Jermell Charlo, as James makes note of the fact that Charlo has dropped everyone since joining forces with him. Charlo concludes his gym segment with some timely words ‘Boxing is a tough sport.’

We return back to Charlo’s house where he gets a message himself, as Charlo talks about motivational things that will help him win this fight.

We return to Canelo, this time saying goodbye to his family who board a private plane while he stays in Truckee, California. The segment talks about the sacrifice that Canelo is willing to make to be great. Canelo is then seen throwing a medicine ball extremely hard at a trainer who is struggling to catch it. This is followed by clips of Canelo training with state-of-the-art equipment while talking about his drive for this fight.

This is followed by a vivid portrait of the perception of Canelo’s last fight against John Ryder, a fight that was on PPV, but not many saw live and was viewed as underwhelming as Canelo was expected to stop Ryder, not go the distance with him. Canelo says he hasn’t been himself, but he is going to essentially respond to the critics with his performance in the ring.
The final segment is Charlo taking his son fishing, as they bond over simple father-son moments, and then shows Charlo doing forms of meditation and yoga with his family in the evening.
This leads to a final montage that promotes the fight.