All Access: Canelo vs Jermell Charlo EP1 recap

As we all know the duo of undisputed world champions in their respective weight classes, Canelo Alvarez and Jermell Charlo will do battle on September 30th in Las Vegas, Nevada, on pay-per-view. 

The first promotional video mini-series aired this weekend promoting the fight offers insight and first-hand accounts of training. 

The episode begins with archival footage from 2012 of Canelo Alvarez learning how to speak English. This must have been footage that is unspecified for what fight. It is a look into a bit of the competitor Alvarez as he will state things are too easy at times. The segment transitions into the Canelo of today, arguably one of the best Mexican boxers ever, and one of the biggest modern boxing icons of the sport, which is followed by a brief preview of the upcoming short feature.

The show begins with Canelo Alvarez doing an interview on the radio. Canelo states that he wants to take chances, and explains the point of this fight, facing a fellow undisputed champion (albeit Charlo is moving up to weight classes to fight him). 

This is followed by footage from the press conference that explains the stakes of two undisputed champions facing each other, a first for the four-belt era in boxing. Charlo enters the segment. Charlo explains via multiple media appearances and a voiceover that this is the fight he has been waiting for. As it appears both fighters view this as legacy fight. A big theme is Charlo expressing angst that he feels people have doubted him and his twin brother, Jermall Charlo, for their whole career. 

Next, we are introduced to their wealth as both fighters have a segment in which they fly to the press conference via a private jet as this segment transitions from the New York City press conference to the Los Angeles press conference. Jermell Charlo interacts with the pilots of his plane who are from the same hometown as himself, Houston, Texas. Charlo speaks highly of Canelo stating that he needs to not be flash with his appearance, but wear clothing that is more elegant for the level of the fight this is.

We cut to Canelo doing an interview in which he is proud of everything about his career and states that being the top guy in a tough sport like boxing gives him a sense of pride. Canelo also reflects that Charlo typically acts like a bully at a press conference, but against him in their face-to-face interactions, Charlo has been very cordial. A brief highlight package of the press conference is put together including both fighters explaining why they are going to win.

Now are off to the good stuff. Training camp footage with the first check-in being in Lake Tahoe, California, the site of Canelo Alvarez’s new training camp. Canelo reflects on how much he likes the area and states the calm nature of the area helps him. This is followed by a gym montage of Canelo doing boxing workouts to a Mexican rap song, as Canelo states that he loves boxing and his love keeps him motivated. 

We get a montage to explain how Canelo Alvarez became a four-belt undisputed super middleweight world champion, as we begin in December of 2020 when Canelo defeated Callum Smith to win the WBA and WBC super middleweight world titles. They briefly touch on a ‘tune-up fight’ against Avni Yildirim before Canelo defeated Billy Joe Saunders for the WBO super middleweight world title, whom he stopped, but it was the stoppage of Caleb Plant for the IBF super middleweight title that made him the true undisputed champion. 

This leads to Eddy Reynoso and Canelo Alvarez training together. We look into the bond between the Reynoso family and Canelo. Canelo credits his success to Eddy Reynoso. This segment shows the deep bond between the fighter and trainer as “Chepo” Reynoso, and his son, Eddy have watched Canelo grow up in front of them. This is best highlighted by a bit of footage surfaced that shows Canelo celebrating his 22nd birthday in the gym training. 

Now to Las Vegas, Nevada in which we get to see Jermell Charlo. Charlo shows pure joy being filmed as he is training with Derrick James, before Errol Spence’s fight with Terence Crawford in July. 

A big theme is Charlo expressing angst that he feels people have doubted him and his twin brother, Jermall Charlo, for their whole. Charlo talks about how he views himself as the underdog and wants to prove people wrong. 

Now the defining moment of Charlo’s career is revisited as the draw with Brian Castano led to a rematch. That rematch saw Charlo stop Castano from becoming an undisputed world champion in the junior middleweight division. Charlo says he thinks about the way he wants to win, and that the impression that gives way on the back of his mind. He even says if it goes to the judges it adds unneeded pressure to the situation. 

Charlo says he didn’t like the fight at first, stating that he felt almost like he was being sent into the fight like a lamb to the slaughter. Charlo reflects honestly about the technical aspects of boxing that helped him choose the decision he made. Yet, it seems that respect is the big thing for Charlo. He talks about how legacy matters to him, and this is a legacy-defining fight. 

We go back to visit with Canelo who is getting his mouthguard made for him. This segment speaks to Canelo no longer being a young man and being a veteran in the sport of boxing. Once the babyfaced new kid on the block, Canelo is now a veteran in the sport of boxing. This led to his loss on May 7th, 2022 to Dmitry Bivol when he attempted to win Bivol’s WBA light heavyweight world title. 

Canelo reflects on the loss and says he has accepted it. Canelo explains the loss as him trying to continue to make history. Canelo offers his philosophies on losing in boxing, even saying it isn’t over win you lose, and going into great detail. 

The show concludes with Jermell Charlo watching the Canelo vs. Caleb Plant in his backyard with his loved ones, and his co-trainer Joan Guzman, whom Charlo appears to have a very close bond with. Charlo sternly believes that he will beat Canelo, even giving away possible strategy as it appears he might try to move more. Charlo also says he needs to learn Spanish so he can bond more with Guzman, which is a humorous but sincere moment in this. 

The fight concludes with both fighters in a montage setting the stage for the next feature which should produce more in-depth camp details and training footage as this was merely an introduction.

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