Alex Winwood trains beside Moloney brothers prior to homecoming fight

Alex Winwood might not be a name you know just yet. The 2020 Olympian, who represented Australia, is taking a very fast track to his professional career. Managed by Tony Tolj, Winwood is one of the most exciting young fighters in a division most never follow, the minimumweight division, or as we often refer to here the strawweight division.

Winwood, who faces Reyneris Gutierrez, on June 16th, in Metro City, Northbridge, Australia, has started off his career with two wins both of which by way of knockout. Yet, it is training beside Andrew Moloney and Jason Moloney that has seemingly prepared him for this moment.

Winwood, who was with the Moloney brothers for both of their recent title fights caught up with ProBox TV News at the Stockton PYA, as coach Steve Salas, the head trainer of the gym, opened the gym up to the fighters from down under. In between telling ProBox TV News about his fondness for the local gym in Stockton, California, Winwood reflected on being beside the world champion around the time of their greatest achievements.

“You can’t buy experience,” said Winwood who fights June 16th, in Australia, but conducted this interview at the Stockton PYA in Stockton, California. “They have been to the top of the amateurs, they have been to the top of the pros. Whatever I have asked them to do with running, to do with boxing, to do with sparring [or even] recovery, they're always the guys I have leaned on, even before I came to the gym. They are not shy at giving me their wisdom and knowledge [they have gotten] over their career. I am forever grateful to have them as [friends] and training partners.”

As for Winwood, he has been compared by his peers as a cross between Roy Jones Jr., and Mike Tyson. Heavy praise to live up to, yet Winwood embraces it with a smile.

“It is exciting times,” said Winwood. “I can see the style and similarities between the idols of mine [Mike] Tyson and [Roy] Jones. I am a very unique weird combination of both of them. Obviously, I am a lot smaller. Tyson was a lot smaller for his weight class. Jones was just a freak of nature, not that I am anything like him in that way. I think I have the rhythm and things like that of Jones, but I also have that ferocious mentality and power of Tyson.”

For his third professional fight, Winwood is continuing his path to glory, as he takes on the toughest challenge of his career, but gaining experience with the Moloney brothers, as well as sparring a top pro around the weight class in Jesus Haro of Merced, California, has prepped him well for this occasion.

“I am fighting for the WBC international minimum weight title,” said Winwood. “Against a champion, Reyneris Gutierrez, I believe, his name is…he is rated number-nine in the WBC, number thirteen in the IBF and WBO, I am pretty sure. He is highly decorated himself, he is undefeated. He is nine and [zero], I am in my second fight. I am taking on the big dogs right away. I think it is exciting. I don’t want to take a step back. I’ve put myself in this position, I’ve called their names out. We are bringing him over. I am here to put on a great, big show. My city Perth, Australia, they are not as privileged as the east coast with all the big title fights, so I am looking to bring big fights over to them and showing them what real [world-class] boxing is."




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