Adames calls out Canelo

Carlos Adames, the WBC interim middleweight champion, stopped former junior middleweight Julian “J Rock” Williams, earlier this year. The bout which was halted in the ninth round, saw Adames call for big fights. 

The easiest fight to be made would be against the current WBC middleweight champion Jermall Charlo, but Charlo hasn't fought for two years and is rumored to face Jose Benavidez Jr. on the David Benavidez vs Demetrius Andrade pay-per-view card. After Canelo Alvarez outclassed Jermell Charlo two weeks ago, Adames took to his social media platforms to sound off. 

"Do y'all think I was the favorite in the Deryvanchenko fight? Or do yall think they made me go up from 154 to 160 to favor me? I took the risk and I will keep taking risk and I will shut you. Ask Caleb and Benavidez how the sparring went," said Admes on social media.

Adames has been rumored to be in the running for a May bout against Canelo Alvarez, yet no reputable source have come out with a direct source willing to go on record to add validity to the rumor. Though cynics see it as a real option as some believe Canelo is no longer what he once was. Some might even take it a step further and even say Canelo has been more of a creation than the talent many believe he is, so facing Adames, a good fighter, but one who once again would be smaller than Canelo might fit the bill of what Canelo is looking for in his Premier Boxing Champions three-fight contract. 

"I understand the disappointment that you all have, but I am not Jermell. If you don’t like this fight then don’t buy it you’ll save 84.99. What do yall want anyways? Talk to Jermall who prefers to fight with [Jose Benavidez] who is a 154 and not me," said a frustrated Adames on social media.

Adames emphasizes that he has continuously proven his capabilities in the ring and now seeks unification in one of the weakest divisions in modern boxing history - the current state of the middleweight division. Or Adames wants a big fight with Canelo Alvarez. Adames seems convinced that his experience in sparring fighters many of these fighters is the reason he doesn't get these chances.

"Ask Janibek,why he doesn’t want to fight. He knows how the sparring went," furthered Adames via social media., "Ask Munguia why he don’t want to fight. Everyone is fighting for every title except mine why do you yall think that is?"