Actor Jai White: Spence wasn't the same fighter against Crawford

In a recent revelation, actor and martial artist Michael Jai White shared insights about Errol Spence Jr. who White claims was not in the same physical condition leading up to his fight against Terence Crawford on July 29th.

White, when speaking to popular YouTube channel VladTV stated that he received information from a friend who trains with Spence, indicating that Spence was no longer the same fighter. 

"Listen, I had some inside information," said White to VladTV. "A good friend of mine who trains with Spence and was with Spence a month beforehand... He told me, 'No, Mike.' I was like, 'What are you talking about?' 'He don't have it.'"

White went into further detail as he explained that his unnamed friend went into detail about the fact that his source was explaining Spence was just not the same guy in the gym.

"His legs wasn't there," said White. "A lot of people are trying to go like they knew Crawford was going to do that to him. I don't think anybody knew that."

A possible reason for Spence being a different fighter is that he suffered two car accidents, as well as had a well-documented struggle to get down to the welterweight limit. This along with inactivity seems to be a reason some think Spence looked so different as White felt that Crawford had never looked like that prior. 

"[My friend was] like, ‘I wish Spence would not take this fight," said White. "Has Bud Crawford looked that dominant against anybody?‘ And to do that with Errol Spence, not to try to take things away from Crawford because Crawford’s amazing, but I think if you start putting it together and you go, ‘Well, yeah.’"

Overall, White's comments shed light on the critical role of physical condition and the belief that Errol Spence Jr was not the same fighter that he was prior on the night he fought Terence Crawford. 

“There is a difference, a big difference. Again," said White. "It sounds like I’m taking away stuff from Bud Crawford, but so be it. I believe Spence and I believe my friend that something is quite different. “Nobody’s seen Spence like that even in the as he first started fighting."