Tyson favors Benavidez over everybody even Canelo

Many view Mike Tyson as the greatest heavyweight of all time, and if not the scariest puncher of all time. Tyson made noise this past week with a bold and brash statement outlining that David Benavidez could beat anyone and he will favor Benavidez over any fighter in the division. The outrage came in the fact that the undisputed super middleweight champion and very popular Mexican fighter, Canelo Alvarez fights at this division. 

Tyson didn't bite his tongue when speaking to Fight Hub TV.

“He could beat anybody," said Mike Tyson to Fight Hubt TV. "My money is with Benavidez until he gets beat, and then if he gets beat, I’m still with him.”

When asked what makes him so confident. Tyson didn't hesitate as he seemingly believes that Benavidez is an old-school fighter and one with little to no insecurities. The confidence Benavidez has in himself seems to be the x-factor that Tyson believes will make him much greater than his advisories. Though some online questioned the validity of a trait that can not be quantified, Mike Tyson mastered the art of mental warfare, and the fact that he sees a similar trait or a like-minded individual in Benavidez is an interesting revolution. 

This is not the first time, Mike Tyson has sung the praises of Benavidez as Tyson created Benavidez's nickname 'The Mexican Monster.' 

Currently, Canelo Alvarez is in talks to fight Jermell Charlo, on September 30th, as we are just awaiting an official press release. It appears that Canelo will fight three times for Premier Boxing Champions - and the hope is one of those fights will be against Benavidez. 

Benavidez on the other hand, is fielding offers, albeit rather quietly currently. A name fight fans are hopeful to see Benavidez fight is the fast-tracked Cuban fighter David Morrell, who has taken to social media to call Benavidez a bunch of bad names and be extremely disrespectful. 

If that fight is announced it is fairly clear, who Mike Tyson would pick in that fight. 

Earlier this year, David Benavidez headlined his first pay-per-view by getting a twelve-round unanimous decision win over Caleb Plant.