Joel Diaz Weighs In On Crawford-Spence And The State Of Boxing

As the highly anticipated Terence Crawford vs. Errol Spence fight draws near, the boxing world is in a state of flux. Even the seasoned trainer Joel Diaz, a well respected figure of the sport for many years, has found himself grappling with doubts surrounding the state of boxing today. Nevertheless, amidst his reservations, one thing remains steadfast in Diaz's mind—a firm belief that Crawford is the complete package and will emerge victorious on fight night.

"Lately, I’ve been very skeptical about boxing. I live boxing, I’ve been in the sport for many, many years, and honestly, there is no doubt in my mind that Terence Crawford will win that night.

"Terence Crawford is a well-rounded fighter in every way. He’ll beat Spence, but there’s business in between, and honestly sometimes I have doubts, but hands down Terence Crawford would beat Errol Spence, any day."

Diaz's gaze is not solely focused on Crawford’s prowess; it extends to Spence as well, whose journey in the ring has also been a subject of scrutiny. With a critical lens, Diaz examines Spence's past bouts, drawing attention to intriguing matchups and lingering doubts that fuel his belief in Crawford's ability to secure victory.

"Y’know, there are just some things that make me think otherwise, and that’s the business side of boxing. I mean, Errol Spence had trouble with Ugas, an old Ugas at that. Ugas is almost 40 years old. I mean, he couldn’t do anything to Mikey Garcia, a 130-pounder. He should have executed Mikey Garcia. Actually, after that fight, Spence was the winner, and Mikey Garcia got more attention because he went the distance with a solid 147-pounder. 

“Those are the things that make me believe that Terence Crawford will beat him."

Diaz's reservations go beyond the physical skill of the fighters, and he delves into the enigmatic business side of the sport—a domain where contentious decisions and opaque dealings sometimes cast shadows over the purity of the sport. 

Despite these doubts, Diaz remains unwavering in his conviction, placing his faith in Crawford's exceptional abilities as he envisions a resolute victory over Spence.

"But what’s behind closed doors? That’s what I don’t know. I would put my money on Terence Crawford today because I know, no doubt in my mind, that Terence Crawford will beat Errol Spence, but what happens behind closed doors? I don’t know. 

“That’s the only thing that I don’t like about the sport nowadays. There’s been some really bad decisions, and it’s just bad for the sport, honestly. But in my mind, there’s no doubt that Terence Crawford will beat Spence any day."

Diaz went on to say that the victor could gain a coveted status, "The winner of that fight will definitely be the best fighter pound for pound."